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The Hero Behind “Bleed”

It’s with the blessing of the Chapman family that I’m honored to share with you the inspiration behind “Bleed”.


I’d like to share the story about my childhood classmate lost in the early days after Sept 11th. We were not “formally” in a war yet, but a few brave men were sent on a high priority mission in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.

I can never shake hearing his name on the morning news. I was sure it was another John “Chappy” Chapman. But it wasn’t. He left behind a wife and two young girls.

John was an Air Force Combat Controller embedded with the SEALs. Though I hadn’t seen him since high school, I was forever changed by his selfless sacrifice. For years, and even now — I have a hard time watching any movies depicting SEALs in Afghanistan.

John, is the inspiration for “Bleed”, and I wanted to share this hero’s story.

Click here for more details of his mission and passing




I still have a wonderful picture of Johnny holding a young Afghan girl on his lap. He’s suited up in all his bad guy gear and filthy from being in the desert for months. That picture shows how our elite fighters truly are… bad ass warriors who do what they must to protect the innocent.

Thanks for taking a minute to read about John — a true American hero. There’s a book out now and talks of a movie.

– Dan Tracey, Save The World

7 responses to “The Hero Behind “Bleed”

  1. Love to you, Dan! You, your band mates, and your fellow musicians are using your talents and platform to give back and to raise up our military; to remind people of their sacrifices. John may have been part of your inspiration, but I know that your thoughts were also with so many others, too. Thank you, Dan! Thank you, Save the World!! You rock! Can’t wait to hear your next masterpiece! 🙂

  2. Growing up in W.L. Ct the Chapmans were our neighbors.more than that they were family!!!! Seeing this really stirrs many many emotions. I think of John often n say a quick “thanks John” then go about life…now i want to say “thanks Dan”..this is a beautiful tribute to John A. Chapman!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing that story with us. God Bless our men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

  4. I know John’s sister, and when he got killed a part of her died. This song is awesome!!! Thank you for dedicating this song to him!!

  5. All,
    I’m humbled by these heartfelt replies. We’re not quite off the ground yet here in STW land, but I’m going to make sure what we do brings attention to our heroes in every walk of life.

    Thanks again for your support.

  6. Honored to be able to share John’s story, Lori. Proud as hell of our men and women in uniform, and especially this one.

    Thank you for allowing STW to tell others about him.

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